Policy & FAQ


What is a straight cut and a fitted cut?

A straight cut is traditionally the men’s/unisex and a fitted cut is traditionally the ladies cut. I chose to go gender neutral in shirt terms to encourage people to buy what suits them the most.

Why do the plus-sizes cost more?

It costs me more to get them printed.

Why do some graphics have dots instead of a smooth glow?

Due to the printing process on some items (such as t-shirts), transparencies do not show up correctly. In order to work around that, transparencies have been converted to dots for some items.

Are the final products as saturated and washed out as the category images?

Nope! Most of them are vibrant in color and are closer to the graphical mock-ups you see than the category images. They are over-saturated to be eye-catching.


Return/Exchange Policy:
You may return/exchange your items within 30 days of purchasing.

Privacy Policy:
Your information will not be sold to a 3rd party. Your information may be shared with a 3rd party on a need-to-know basis (i.e. payment processing and items printed by a 3rd party).